The world spins around the internet today, technology get us anywhere we want whenever we want. Everything that happens in the world could be checked just by unlocking the phone. Social Media are in front of all this information. Six of top ten most accessed websites in USA are social media websites, and the best way to be seen today is by being in those sites.

If you have a business, you can create a profile for your business in every one of these social media websites, the more followers you have, the more you are seen. Three websites are essentials for your business, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram. Together they have more than 1,7bi users and that’s why it is important use these tools in your business. There are several ways to gain followers, in this article I’ll explain some methods to increase your followers:


Commenting and Sharing

On Facebook you can reach a lot of people just commenting and with likes in their posts. You can create your business page, and everyday post something different for your public, the easiest way is if you public share your post with their friends, that way you can reach people that even know about you.

Promote Your Page

You also can promote some post and the public and location that you want to reach. With low cost, Facebook will post in the chosen areas your promoted post, Your page reaches people that are interested in what you have to show this way, without depend in your followers

Promotion Post

If you have something interesting to give away for some followers, that’s the way to achieve.

You simply need to post a promotion on your page and to enter in the promotion the user has to like and share the post and also tag a friend in the comments. Every friend of the user will see the promotion and maybewants to participate in the promotion too, so he will share and the reach will be greater for you, I really like this technique.


only on Youtube

Identifying New Tags for Your Videos

YouTube has an optimization option based on tags. In other words, depending on the tag that is in your video, it places the same as related content from other videos.

This is great because you can copy the tags from your competitors and put them in your videos if the content is similar. When you put your competitors similar tags you increase the chance of your video be shown up as similar on the side of your YouTube subscribers while someone watches their videos.

If there is something that YouTube (Google) and the public likes, it’s the frequency. Do you know when you were a kid and every day watch that favorite cartoon at the same time every day? That’s it!

Publishing on YouTube must maintain a frequency. It can be weekly or preferably daily. The most important is to follow a pre-defined pattern and aligned with your audience.

Buy Subscribers

That’s the easiest way ever! In this method you can simply buy real active YouTube subscribers. There are many sites where you can do this. You can buy 10 or buy 100 YouTube subscribers in a short period of days. The price changes depending on how many you want.

Buying real Youtube subscribers is a strategy used by many “celebrities” and prominent people on YouTube with the aim of leveraging the channel. It’s the fastest, easiest, and cheapest way to increase your subscribers and views in no time, as long as you make sure you buy only real subscribers. You can buy USA Youtube subscribers from companies even.Escape from companies that charge cheap by thousands of Youtube subscribers. They are all fakes and may end up blocking your channel. This is essential for you to understand.

Youtube ecosystem


Tag Your Photos

On Instagram we have a big friend to gain followers called hashtag, hashtag is the best way to tag your photos and when someone types one of your tags, the user could see your photo and maybe he starts to follow you.

Buy Followers

Like YouTube, there are several websites including companies that “sell” followers, you can buy them, but always look if the followers are real or not, a lot of fake followers could block your account and we don’t want this.


You can find in the Internet awesome softwares that take care of your Instagram account. With the help of these softwares you can program your posts for any time you want, automatically hit like in photos that have some specific hashtag that you choose and control all your Instagram from it.

Well, now you can choose your methods and get a lot of friends, followers and subscribers in your social media.